TTTToday’s Top Ten Tuesday is a hard one – and an easy one – depending how you look upon it. The topic is: My Ten Favorite Top Ten Topics We’ve Ever Done In The Past 5 Years. This particular topic is decided as a way to celebrate the Top Ten Tuesday site, which is celebrating its fifth years birthday in June (or the fifth year of the Top Ten Tuesday topic rather).

I could go through the Top Ten Tuesday page and choose some at random but I won’t, so it will be a very, very short list. I have only participated twice in Top Ten Tuesday and I will lost those two in this Ten Top – Two Top? – list.

The first one is written in Swedish, and on my Swedish blog but even if you don’t understand Swedish you will understand my list if you scroll down in the post (I made two lists; one of living authors, one of dead authors).

Top Ten Authors I want to meet

The second one is on this very blog, not long ago:

Top Ten Books for my TBR Summer 2015

I am looking forward to participate in future Top Tens and hence get more favorites for this list and future similar lists.