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Rainbow Readathon, which I explain in this post, started very good for me. The first day I read a total of 248 pages. I read 133 pages in the book by John Irving and thus finished that book. I read 2 ages in Wool by Hugh Howey and 113 pages in Nosebleed Studio’s manga collection.

In day one I finished my purple spined book. And read quite a lot in my blue spined book and a couple of pages in my red/yellow spined book.

During day 2 I read a total of 357 pages. The amount being so high was due to the manga book, which was a very fast read. Day two I read 10 pages in my pub facts book, Bears Can’t Run Downhill: and 200 other dubious pub facts explained by Robert Anwood. I finbshed my blue spined book, Nosebleed Studios Stora Mangasamling (Nosebleed Studios’ Big Mangacollection), and also read two pages in Wool. All in all, as said, 357 pages.

Day 3 was the day of the green spined book. I started and finished the green spined book, i.e. Queen Pokou by Veronique Tadjo (I read it in Swedish though). I also read some in my orange spined book the pub facts book, 31 pages. And 10 pages in Wool. All in all during day 3 I read 179 pages, because I read another book! Not mentioned in my TBR pile. It was a comic book, Sisters, part 1 by William & Cazenove. It was a pink spined book. So that’s a bonus book!

As a summary, day 1-3, I have read a total of: 784 pages. Not bad, if I may say so myself.

Day 4 is a slow day, this far. Not much read. I am doing other things and the reading goes kind of slow…