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IMG_20150613_193817I am participating in the Rainbow Readathon, shortened to #rainbowthon in digital media. The idea is to read six book with the spines in the colours of the rainbow. The colours are:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple

If you want to there are some alternatives to this readathon. You can either choose to read six books with the spines in the same colour, in other words choose one of the colours above and then six books with spines in that colour OR you can choose to read only five or four books, where you combine at most two colours in one book and at most two books with combined colours. For books you can also choose graphic novels as well as ordinary novels.

The #Rainbowthon starts today, Monday June 15 and continues the whole week, ends with the last day being Monday June 22 00.00.

For this readathon I choose to go with the theme Unfinished books. I have a huge pile of such books. Books I started but never finished, books I am reading but in the same time not, because even though I choose several books to read at once, two or three or as it is now, around 6-7 books, I rarely read more than one at a time anyway. So I want to narrow this pile down to one book only or maybe one novel and one audio book. Something like that. Therefore, this readathon is a perfect opportunity for me to finish books I have started and read a few pages, half the book or most of the book…

Here are my picks for the readathon:

1. and 3. Red & yellow combined: Wool by Hugh Howey.

2. Orange: Bears Can’t Run Downhill: and 200 other dubious pub facts explained by Robert Anwood. I read the Swedish translation of this book. The spine is white with orange letters on it.

3. Yellow – combined with number 1.

4. Green: Queen Pokou by Veronique Tadjo. I read this one as in Swedish as well, titled Drottning Pokou. This is a very thin book and that’s why I’ve chosen this one, also it’s a translation from the original French; the author is from the Ivory Coast, and I like to read books from different cultures and different cultures than my own. This book I haven’t yet started but I have meant to read this one for about a year now and now it’s time to do so.

IMG_20150615_1541135. Blue: Originally I choose a book I had in my former TBR for the last readathon I participated in, Ranveig den havsdjärva (Ranveig the Sea Brave) by Kerstin Trygg (a novel taking place in the age of Vikings). But I think I will go for a graphic novel instead. Today I started reading Nosebleed Studios Stora Mangasamling (Nosebleed Studios’ Big Mangacollection), and I will read that one instead. It’s a thick collection of 454 pages but it’s manga so it’s a fast read. I have already read to page 78. I think this will be a good choice since Wool is a very thick book and it will take me some time to read that one.

6. Purple: A Widow for One Year by John Irving. I started this book July 22 2014, and I have read this book for almost a year now; it’s time to finish it! I actually finished it today already. I continued already earlier this weekend and I started today on page 404 and now I have finished it. I read 133 pages today in this book. And at last, finally, yay, I can leave this boring book behind. So happy to be able to participate in this readathon.