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JMH_ICAD2_CarnevalICAD 2015 Prompt #2 Carneval. Material used: index card, fineliner pens, PITT artist pens, colour pencils, (and a little bit of white acrylic paint and Tipp-Ex (correction fluid) to cover my mistakes).

This was a hard one but I am learning a lot. I am still not really satisfied with how this turned out. He is too big and she is too small. And the colouring could be better.

Still, I like it and I am in love with the idea.

I had fun doing this card although it took me most of last evening, Tuesday evening, 6/2, to get the father right, ages of graphite pencil and eraser and reuse and reuse of the eraser to rub out my recurrent mistakes. I am not good at drawing bodies, that is for sure.

Anyway, I made it in the end, and I like the card although I am not thrilled at its outcome. I did made my best in the moment though.

You could always do better and work harder and more, but the card started to fall apart so I had to stop before I rubbed through the paper. Hence I stopped and let it be as it is now.

I need to practise finishing and leaving things behind. Already today there is a new challenge; I am on to card number 3. Bye, bye, carneval card!