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femtevågenRYSAT day 6 was Saturday May 23. It was sort of a break day. I listened to an audio book for a bit. I am in the middle of listening to Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. The reading is superb and I love this book, listening to it every now and then when I feel like it. Apart from that I read only 22 pages in The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey.

On day 7, the very last day of RYBSAT I read in The Fifth Wave only, and it is really a very exciting book! I read 263 pages, but I didn’t finish the book since it is a book of nearly 600 pages.

All in all I read 285 pages plus the listening of I don’t know how many minutes during the weekend.

The total sum of pages for the week of RYBSAT: 1115 pages.

Books finished: 3. Witch Wars. Wings. Doll Bones.

Books started but not finished: 2. Ranveig den havsdjärva + The Fifth Wave (read in Swedish as Den femte vågen).