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dockskelettetOk, so I got a whole day off, a perfect opportunity to read a lot since it is readathon time and I’m participating in #RYBSAT, but do I read?  No, I am very, very lazy not doing anything in particular.

I got stuck whilst finished with Wings (a fast fun read) I should supposedly continue in the book I started before Wings, the one by Kerstin Trygg. But I don’t want to read that one, and so I don’t read at all, because I don’t find any book in that particular RYBSAT pile interesting enough at the moment.

I do other things. Like:

Making lists of books, trying to do this and that, things I need to do. Chores.

But mostly I procrastinate, surf on the Internet, eat stuff, drink coffee. I write a long list of book reviews I need to write, I try to finish up happy mails to send. So far, one is ready to go. Five still waiting for me, half done.

Ok, I so needed a lazy Thursday since I’ve been working a lot lately. And I look at the books I am supposed to read (the RYBSAT pile) with no eagerness what so ever.

Yesterday I got a review copy from a Swedish book company Rabén & Sjögren and I got so very happy. I want to read that book. So… Since I want to continue to read, at least some pages today, I skip Kerstin Trygg’s Ranveig den havsdjärva (Ranveig the Sea Brave) and jump right into Dockskelettet (Doll Bones) by Holly Black.

I am SO eager to read that book right now, so why not? Why do I have to stop myself? Why do I have to stick to my RYBSAT pile of books when I don’t want to?

Stupid. I want to read Doll Bones and so I shall do.