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wingsJust a quick update on the RYBSAT readathon.

Day 1: 275 pages. Started and finished Witch Wars by Sibéal Pounder, 266 pages and read the beginning of Ranveig den havsdjärva (Ranveig the Sea Brave) by Kerstin Trygg, 9 pages.

Day 2: 174 pages. Started and read only in Wings by Aprilynne Pike.

Day 3. 134 pages. Finished Wings by Aprilynne Pike and read the followed teaser of the next book in the series, i.e. 13 pages of Spells, and one page more about the author.

Summary this far: 583 pages.

Divided in three days: about 194 pages a day. Pretty good actually.

I could have read more during the evening since I finished Wings already on the train on my way home from work but I felt like taking a reading break and do some other creative stuff during the evening, and also I am unsure about what to read next. I did start reading Kerstin Trygg’s book but I am not at all feeling like continuing to read that one because it’s pretty slow paced; it has a certain style reminding of old Icelandic sagas; it can slow down my reading pace and that is not advantageous with this being a readathon and all.