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20150424_203925I got the idea from a friend on Facebook. The month for a fake journal is, according to her, the month of April, starting with April’s Fools Day. That makes sense, but as I just came to know the idea, I am starting now, and as a creative writer. I want to do a fake journal of my main character in my current novel project, J.E.P. And so this is his journal. I started by adding a “This journal belongs to”… Followed by an empty page for a self portrait. And then, this page followed. It is meant to be a portrait he has made of a certain side character, but now I am not really sure, it might be her, because the eye colour and the shapes of the eyes are right… I guess this is just in the beginning of part two of this novel. Right where I am editing now (third draft). I have tried to draw his way, but I don’t know if I really made it. Time will tell. Also, I think I managed to write with his type of writing, although my hand starts to fumble and try to make shapes the way I am used to as myself. Even so, it is a fun experience to try and journal as somebody else. Anyway, this is his image of her and this is his poem about her (in her absence; he is longing; of course he is).

(Credit to Roz Stendahl with the blog http://officialinternationalfakejournalblog.blogspot.se/ who came up with the idea in the first place.)