There’s still some of the old fangirl in me.

I just got a message on my smartphone, that the new release of Gackt was now available on Spotify and I squeaked “yay!”. A single called: P.S. I love U.

The thing is, I thought this new album of his were to be released in December or even during next year, which I thought was really weird. Good thing I got it all wrong. Now there’s five tracks with Gackt on Spotify. Yay! Not much, no, it’s really crappy. Good I have his albums in other forms, as CD’s and on my own computer.

It’s not the best he has done, but still, it’s something new, it’s Gackt, and it’s good. Yes, the fangirl is quite nerdy and not at all objective. The first song is a ballad (I love ballads) with a bit of guitar in it. It starts with the piano though. Ah, piano! And the second one is more of a fast rock kind of song. Also very much gacktish, but again, not one of his best. I like the instrumental versions best. Now, that’s really weird.

Still. As said: yay!