ImageThis week’s topic of Illustration Friday is “burst”. I have just read the YA-books “Uglies” and “Pretties” by Scott Westerfeld, and one word that is used frequently in these books is “bubbly”. Inspired by this, and the phrase “burst like a bubble” that keep popping up when I hear the word burst and try to get inspired by it, I have made a sketch. I’m trying to finish this drawing, but I will take some time. I hope to finish it before Friday, and before there’s a new topic at the site Illustration Friday. I made the sketch in pencil and then I took a photo and imported it to my computer. Now I’m trying to make it into a finished drawing in GIMP. I’m not that used to draw in GIMP (I haven’t got Photoshop; I’m using GIMP instead). I have just recently started using the program, and I really am a novice at using it.