Once again, ages ago… I guess it’s because I think I don’t have enough readers here… And also, because I have not, and that surprise me(!), listened to music much lately… The last half a year or so, I’ve a lot of time with just silence. Every now and then I’ve been listening to music using Spotify. But that’s about it.

I don’t know why, but yesterday, suddenly I was SO eager for music. I started listening to my old favourites. BOØWY and T.M.Revolution. And now today, also  GACKT(!!). Gackt is still going strong. I just started listening to a live album. “YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz Kirameki Otokojuku ~Manjo Konyoku Mizugi Matsuri~”, and I am caught instantly. Also, it’s big fun listening to the audience and their cheering. And of course, to hear Gackt screaming to the audience in a loud sort of hoarse voice… too much screaming, I guess? Because he has stopped smoking, hasn’t he? (Or is it just rumours?). Anyways, it’s fun listening to music again. I have missed it.

Of course, I do listen to music every now and then, even during the last months, but not every day, as I used to. So it’s a big diff.

It SO much fun to hear Gackt screaming “ONNA!” (woman/women)… I guess it’s because of the Koakuma heaven song, which is from a woman’s perspective, guess it’s sort of stereotypic and daring in the same time… A woman singing “My favourite numbers are 6 and 9.” No further comments about that, lol. It’s a lot of interaction with the (female) audience in this live album anyway, that’s for sure. And the interaction I’m talking about is on the album just after he has sung Koakuma Heaven (美濡戯edition).

About the songs of Gackt, it’s much fun to listen to the live version because the songs differ from those of the the studio album versions. Also he has, as in the song “Flower”, the audience to sing along with him and answer him. But again, since Gackt is such a talented artist, all the songs still has a great quality as if they were part of a studio album.