I have imported all my livejournal posts to this blog. That’s because I’m not updating the LiveJournal blog enough. The last two years, I’ve got two posts. You get the picture. I’ll use this blog instead. But I’ll miss the tag system and the opportunity to add “mood” and “current music” to the posts. That’s the most fun with LiveJournal. Bear with me when I’m trying to make the LiveJournal posts work in WordPress. For some reason some of the posts have strange things written in them, I guess it’s due to that I’ve posted some LiveJournal posts first written in Microsoft Word, and WordPress can’t cope with that. I’m sorry for whatever trouble it may cause for you. Also,the tag system screwed up when importing to WordPress. They look ok, right, but I want small letters all over. How do I do that in WordPress? I’ve changed all categories and tags to small letters but the Big ones keep poping up. It’s annoying and it irritates me. I’ll try to solve that as well, but it’ll take some time. Bear with me in the meantime. Feel free to surf the blog and read all of my old LiveJournal entries. Right now, most of them are in the “Uncategorized” category because WordPress imported all tags to be just that – tags – and not put in any category. With time being I’ll try to put all LiveJournal entries in a category as well. And all of the old LiveJournal posts, I’ll put in the category “livejournal” as well. Some of the posts are the same as my old WordPress ones; that’s because I posted them on both blogs at the same time. Have patience with me while I search them up and remove the “twin” posts. I like LiveJournal, and WordPress is ok as well, but I’m not really familiar with WordPress yet, hence I loose patience from time to time. But I want to have two blogs and not three, so there you are. Anyways, I’ll continue to read my LiveJournal friends pages… and keep the old LiveJournal, but I guess I’ll not update it further. We’ll see  what will happen. Time will tell.