It was ages since I last wrote a post here. Maybe it’s too much with three blogs? I don’t want it to be different, though, as I’m using Havsdjupens sal for writing, Creative Harmony for creative projects other than writing, and this blog, well, it’s here because I might want to write about music from time to time – as well as other crazy things, not suitable for serious blogs… ^^;; But on the other hand it might be better to have just one blog; I’d have more readers… or so I guess… Please add your comment in the matter, if you’ve got an opinion or two…

I scrolled back and read a few of my old posts here at LiveJournal. Sadly the YouTube videos don’t work anymore. I’m sorry! They are all closed due to terms of violation. I recommend you to go to youtube.com and search for yourself. Hopefully new versions of the music videos are out there. Search for “Gackt” for example, and you’ll get tons of PV’s, just waiting for you to watch them. Have fun!