I am making progress.

I have continued painting on the seashell painting. In one state the shells were in silver. I wasn’t happy about it. Today they got more like yellowish. I like them more now. Maybe the painting is almost finished? I just lack the finish on the starfish. I want it to be more alive. Right now it’s just boring red. I’ll add the white touch tomorrow afternoon.

I’m finishing another painting as well. It is an illustration for my children’s book called DF. Read more about my children’s books projects here (in Swedish). I have made the curtain more alive, the painting in whole more black, and I’ve made it better. Now I just have to continue painting, and eventually it will be finished. When it is, I will scan it into my computer, and send a copy with the manuscript to a publishing house. I hope to publish the story along with the acrylic paintings.