I went to the yearly book sale yesterday. It’s book sale in late February every year. I love to go and shop books, and even more when you get bargain books, good books for small prizes.

As a birthday present, the 17th of February, I got gift cards, for shopping books at Akademibokhandeln. Wonderful!

I get to spend a lot of money on books, for free. Can it get any better?

Among others I found a none-sale book, a book about crocheting amigurumis. Great!

Lär dig virka supersöta amigurumi” by Annie Obaachan. Original title: “Crochet animals”.

It’s a very good and cute book! And it’s also discussing how to make your own patterns and your own amigurumi figures; a chapter about designing animals.

I long for crocheting new amigurumis. I’ve just made two amigurumis this far, and I’ve got four books with amigurumi patters, plus a binder/folder with lots of free patterns I’ve found on the Internet, plus a bunch of folders in my computer, with amigurumi patterns, Word-files as well as PDF’s, and a whole lot of photographs for inspiration.

I have started at least three different patters but I haven’t had the time to finish them…

Lots of inspiration and ideas, but I haven’t prioritized crocheting yet.

There are so many fun creative things to do, and also there are every day matters that need to be taken care of. Where to find the time!?

I want to crochet!