Finally and at last! My painting of Venice is finished! I finished it just a few moments ago.

A year ago, my boyfriend and I visited Venice – such a lovely city! – And I took a whole bunch of photos. Lots of painters have been to Venice to paint the wonderful city, the gondolas and the oh-so-special light. I’m no exception. After our journey, I made a painting, inspired by one of my photos. Originally it was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. But time flies by. He got this painting last Christmas (2008), but I held the painting hostage, because I wasn’t finished yet. I needed some time to finish the painting. As time passed by, my demands went high up in the air, so high that I got paralyzed… How to finish a painting that needs to be perfect? …I had to lower my standards, but how?

How indeed(?), but NOW, three quarters later, I’ve finished the painting. At last! Hurray!

…By the way, my boyfriend and I went to London last week, and I took a whole bunch of photos… and with all the old buildings and such, I feel inspired… I might start painting a London-view… I wonder if my boyfriend wants to have a painting of London for Christmas…?