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I have just finished my second amigurumi. I made the last stitches yesterday, but he came alive today. Today I bought and added the eyes. Isn’t he cute? It’s a blueberry bear, called Blåbärsbjörnen (Blueberry Bear). I started out with light blue yarn, but run out of it, so I continued with dark blue. And tada!, the bear got a cap! The original pattern is from Mia Bengtsson’s Virka amigurumi, but I made a bear instead of a mouse, and he has got pearls around the edge of the cap, something I added on my own.

Now I’ll make a short break in my crocheting; I’ll finish an acrylic painting instead, a painting depicting a classic view of a Venice harbour. I started the painting more than half a year ago, so it’s about time I finish it! Wish me luck!