I’ve been home for a week now. I’m still missing Venice. It’s such a lovely city. It’s very beautiful, with all the alleys and canals and high, old houses everywhere. I love it! I’m looking forward to visit Venice again, but before that I’m looking forward to travel elsewhere and see other places and cities. It is fun travelling. The only disadvantage is the economical part of it all.

I took loads and loads of photos during the trip – that’s the fun thing with a digital camera – you can really take so many photos and then you can decide afterwards which ones are worth saving and which ones are worth developing. All in all I took 611 photos. Yay, it’s so much fun!

Now I’m back home and in Sweden, and with the autumn here and the snow coming, I’m looking forward to snowy and rainy photos, to lots of dark evenings with candle lights and lots of red and yellow leaves, hot tea in big cups, soothing music and warm baths.

I heard on the news today that there’s snow coming, probably this weekend. Then I’ll be able to take snow pictures! Cool!

(I’ll be uploading more photos of Venice with time going, so stay tuned.)