I guess Kate Ryan is a new star, and every one, at least all people listening to the Swedish radio channel Rix FM will connect the song Elle, elle l’a with her, but for me, that song will always and only be a part of the repertoire of France Gall’s and France Gall alone. I got really surprised the first time I heard the upbeat cover version of Kate Ryan’s.  Actually, I – for a short time only though – thought that the radio channel finally had come to its senses. For once it played something good and decent and worth listening to, although the song didn’t sound as I remembered it.

I listened a lot to France Gall as a child. Now, thanks to Kate Ryan, I’ve sort of rediscovered an old favourite artist of mine. I’ve started listening to France Gall again. Of course her version of Elle, elle l’a is the best! There’s no doubt about it. So for all you fans of the cover song version of Elle, elle l’a, check out France Gall instead. With France Gall being 60 years old (born October 9th 1947), there are loads of great CDs out there, lots of amazing things to listen to! Please check them out!