If I were to take this quiz seriously I better run and get out of town before the zombie apocalypse even started. Or I should cling to someone who’s a true survivor when it comes to apocalypses, like someone out of one of those zombie movies I’m too scared to watch or Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or someone like that.

But as I answered in the quiz, I would try to make an effort myself at first, hiding armed with some kind of weapon. Talking about weapons I made the quiz a second time, because I realised I do have sharp objects at home that can be used as weapons. I have two candlesticks ending in very sharp pointed ways, totally perfect for sticking the eyes out of the zombies. And if I got my hands on my epée I should be able to kill them even better. I do know how to use an epée, although it was some time ago I got proper practice.