There are lots of admirable artists out there, and so many art blogs. It’s really inspiring, and also it’s very, very scary. Because where does that leave me? I think I’m so crappy in comparison. I’ve just started my very first art journal, and I’m oh so amateurish when it comes to paint in it. I’m such a beginner. I have painted and drew my whole life, yes, but I haven’t developed much lately, due to the awfully little time I’ve spent on drawing and painting the last couple of years.

On one hand, everyone has his or her own unique style, and naivism is one of them (not that I am painting in that way?), on the other hand there’s lots of artists that seem to do pretty much the same thing. I want to be very unique – but how do I do that when I tend to draw something out of inspiration from others, sort of copying or trying to do my own way of doing the same thing in that other artist’s way – if you follow me in my mixed-up thoughts?

Anyway, here’s what I’ve done today.

For the first girl with the butterflies, I used gold acrylic colour for the background and water colours for the girl and the butterflies. I also used acrylic colour while painting one of the butterflies and for the grass on which the girl is standing.

For the second entry I’ve used dark green acrylic colour for the background and for the girl I’ve used water colours and a pen: Tiko-Fix, “waterproof on almost every material” and frost-resistant, a big black 1-4 mm pen. The ground is a water coloured newspaper piece.

And by the way, “Nu hinner jag leva! Välkommen” means “Now I have the time to live! Welcome”.