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I thought domestic meant something else, like bombastic, but I was wrong. I guess I was thinking about bombastic all along. The Swedish word for domestic is “inhemsk”. The Swedish word for bombastic is (among many others) “bombastisk” or “svulstig”.

I first saw the word domestic in relation with Gackt, as in “domestic pop”, and I thought it was somewhat fitting. But I thought about it like more in ways of sumptuous than anything else. As in grandiose, as in magnificent! I thought about the music as of the more pompous kind… like the word itself was a suitable one to describe the songs in the earliest years of Gackt’s solo carrier (Mizerable etc.), like the songs that are more like Gackt’s earlier era with Malice Mizer. Lots of organ playing, female/male choruses, that sort of thing.

I guess I want to come to the conclusion that Malice Mizer – as being a classic Visual Kei band – is somewhat bombastic or pompous but in a very positive way indeed! All day long I have been listening to that kind of “domestic” rock – domestic for Gackt, not for me…! For me it’s foreign but still very, very familiar nowadays. I have listened until every song is a song of my heart.

I want to get into that certain mood for writing fiction where things are big and grandiose and magnificent, and to come to that state of mind where pictures float to the surface of mind. The place where I can feel the scent of roses, the scent of everything that’s connected to this kind of music… To a state of mind where I can use every one of the five senses, as well as the sixth one!

Besides, I just LOVE the way Gackt sings in his Malice Mizer era – his voice with that kind of music – what a yummy mixture it is!

I have jumped in between music folders, jumped in between bands that are somewhat the same, Visual Kei at its peak: Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Moix, Lareine, Versailles, X Japan.

Please, please, please give me tips if you know of other bands that sound somewhat the same! (Not all Visual Kei-bands sound the same… you get the idea of what kind of Visual Kei I do want.)

Just one more thing: every link of Gackt is to a different site; visit them all if you like!