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I was very happy to discover that Domoto Tsuyoshi has released not only a new album but also a new single the day before yesterday, this very last Friday, April 4th! In a new name as well. He calls himself 244 ENDLI-x, which is meant to be pronounced as Tsuyoshi Endlichs. Earlier he had the artist name of ENDLICHERIENDLICHERI. I guess the new stage name is somewhat easier, but in the same time, it was really easy with a name that repeated itself: Endlicheri, twice, and with a star in between.

With the new name of 244 ENDLI-x, he has somewhat changed his style as well, but just a little. You can still recognize it’s the same great artist, of course. He has his own unique style, both in matter of music and in the voice and how he uses his voice. His style is funky and jazzy. I love it!

Here you can listen to one of his new PVs. If that’s too small a screen for you, try one of YouTube’s many versions. It’s an animated one, so you can say it’s a short anime film. The song is called Kurikaesu /Kurikaesu haru. It’s a single, and also the title track of the single, the mini album with the very same name – it has five tracks, including Kurikaesu -backing track-.

The name of the album is I AND Ai.

The animation of the PV of Kurikaesu is made by the famous group Production I.G, it’s collaborations with Production I.G and those who have previously worked for Patlabor, GHOST IN THE SHELL, BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE, xxxHOLiC, EVANGELION, STAND ALONE COMPLEX, Vampire Hunter D, etc. Quite famous groups, yeah.

It’s a very beautiful PV, a cute story, and I think Tsuyoshi-san himself is in the anime – he’s the cute boy – you will know what I mean when you see it. It’s an SF and cyber anime and I think it’s quite inspirational for my own writing. Many times I take inspiration from music!

Domoto Tsuyoshi is also a member of the Johnny’s Entertainment duo group KinKi Kids. He makes the sound of the boy band memorable with his voice, but I still prefer his solo work.

Domoto Tsuyoshi is also an actor since many years. I do recommend all his drama works as well, all the drama series and films that he has been part of. Check them all out. If not elsewhere, try YouTube. This far I’m especially fond of Summer Snow – do not read the summary and reviews on Drama Wiki too close; huge spoiler warning!

Anyhow, please enjoy the listening of the music of Domoto Tsuyoshi, ENDLICHERIENDLICHERI, 244 ENDLI-x! He sure is worth checking out!