Ages since I updated here. It has been these kind of days. Days without writing, that is. Any kind of writing, actually.

Now I’m back on track, making a lot of writing exercises and having great fun doing them! I’m also – of course I am! – listening to loads of great music, j-rock, c-pop and j-pop! And every now and then an artist from Europe or America, just every once in a while.

Right now I’m listening to a c-pop-singer who is singing in English, so it’s more of like an American/English singer, right? Anyhow, her name is Corrinne May, and you should really check her out. She’s Singaporean but she reminds me of some English artists, the first one that’s coming to my mind is Vienna Teng, and oh, yes, she’s actually Taiwanese-American – but she is American, so she counts; I’ve just heard one single song of hers in Chinese, all the rest (two albums) in English. I recommend them both; if you haven’t listened to any of them yet, now is the time to do it!