It seems like I’m continuing to draw tarot cards out of my Rider-Waite Tarot Deck that makes sense, and really means something to me. Today’s card is Knight of Swords, also called Prince of Swords. It’s a card that calls for action, for putting ideas into reality.


Generator of Ideas. Putting ideas into action. Having conviction in your beliefs and ideas, regardless of the opposition. Be prepared to defend what you stand for. Full speed ahead.


The quote is taken from Aecletic Card, an informative site – check it out! (And here’s another good site for understanding the world of Tarot)

I really do have to put my ideas into action. Things are moving, in more than one area.

I’m about to get a new job, hopefully very soon, and I’ve finished a big project at work, leaving the customer very satisfied. Today I got a promise about a cake and a bottle of wine (the wine being off-work).

I’m socializing a lot more, planning get-togethers with friends and such. It feels really good, since I must have a satisfying social life to be able to isolate myself while writing. As in all other areas, it’s all about balance.

I’m about to find my harmonic way of living, and that feels really cool!