I’ve come to listen more to Lareine lately. I’ve a folder with a collection of the singles of the group. The more I listen the more I like what I hear. There are great guitars and a lovely piano. More and more I think it is light, easy listening, quite good j-rock, really.

I’m even growing fond of Kamijo’s voice; it has sort of a depth to it, not the voice itself, but within the voice. I guess you’ve to listen to his voice for actually understand what I’m talking about. So maybe, but just maybe, Imai (one of the main characters of my books) could have his voice as well as his appearance (apart from the fact that Kamijo’s not born blonde and he’s too short!).

Actually, the word I’m looking for is mellow. He has a mellow voice. And also, I want to add, since Lareine is disbanded, if you’re looking for albums and such, try Versailles. It’s the same vocal, but the others are, well, others. Still, it’s much of the same sound.