What Kind of Furry Are You? (with lovely images)

Herbivore Furry (horse, zebra, deer). ART COPYRIGHT TO: http://www.redpanda.com (Sara Palmer)
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Fun quiz!

It’s a fast one too, and for some reason it is adult marked; I can’t imagine why (really, I can’t).

I wanted to be something else, another kind of animal, but that didn’t matter, I got the result showing above anyway.

Fair enough, it’s a good result that suits me. I even own an old mug with a roe deer on it. I guess it symbolize me more than I ever could imagine. And according to an earlier quiz (see tag) I got to be a horse.

It all falls into place, doesn’t it? Or more like it gallops into place, like me with hooves… sunny fields and meadows… a clearing… forests… copses… looks like I’m already strolling in the woods… or shall I say I’m about to go into a slow gallop and disappear among the trees like the deer I am – or horse – (I’m in the wrong kind of forest for me to be a zebra at the moment)…