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It’s funny really.

I’ve listened a lot to c-pop lately. I’ve listened so much I can almost recognize the words. I’ve definitely listened so much that I can many songs by heart, especially Wang Lee Hom’s songs.

The most funny thing is, though, when I go back to listen to Japanese songs, I sort of say, ah, yes, what a relief, finally something I can really sing along to, at least an easy language, a language in which I’ve no difficulties with hearing when a word ends and another word starts.

At last a language that’s easy, which way of pronouncing words reminds me of the Swedish way of pronouncing things (or at least Japanese has a little resemblance to the Finnish language; not that I can any more Finnish than perkele and yxi, kaksi, kolme, nejle, visi, kosi, and I’m not at all sure about the spelling).

A long, long time ago, I thought it was difficult to sing along with the Japanese. Now I have troubles with the Chinese, to the point where I want to go a course and learn the language, just so I’ll be able to sing along with Wang Lee Hom. Although, I guess I’m too busy at the moment. Maybe I’ll take a course in Chinese (Mandarin) in the autumn.

I’d love to take up learning Japanese again, though. I do sing along beautifully with Gackt, if I may say so myself, but I’m so darn frustrated I cannot understand all of it. Yes, there’s lyric translations out there on the Internet, but that’s not the same thing, at all. It’s frustrating knowing the meaning of some of the words, but not all of them.

But back to the Chinese language:

If I really get the way of the Chinese, I could sing along with Wang Lee Hom and Andy Lau and Nicky Lee and the others, and that would be even more fun – me singing, and having no idea whatsoever what I’m actually saying, not knowing even one single word of Chinese (once I learned how to say who’s at the door; can you open the door, please? in Mandarin, but it’s now long forgotten). I can already sing along in some really easy, repetitive parts. I haven’t listened to Wang Lee Hom for more than about two months or three, or something like that, but it has been quite an intense, intensive period.

Even so, the artist that’ll always catch my heart, that’s Gackt, of course. His music touch my soul like no other artist’s music ever had.

Would I be able to feel like that with Wang Lee Hom?

If I’ll feel like that with Wang Lee Hom, first I’d have to listen far more to him and his music, before that even has a chance to happen, and secondly he’d have to change his music into Gackt’s, which will be like never. So, there goes.

But he’s a great artist anyway, Wang Lee Hom, especially his later albums, where there’s a mix of modern R&B and hiphop and the like, with old, traditional Chinese instruments like flutes and such. Much like there’s a mixture in Gackt’s music, like the contrast with the violin and the guitar.

I just love Gackt’s way of using the violin; it really has made me fall in love with the instrument. Now I want to learn to not only play the transverse flute (inspired by Jethro Tull) but to play the violin as well.

But I know too well what happened with me and the piano

I really sucked at playing the piano.

Maybe it’s best for me to stick to sing along with my favourite artists; in that way no one gets hurt and we all feel well, happy and sound, and everyone else just have to listen to their favourites without me interfering, because they just hear Gackt and Wang Lee Hom singing, not me at all, thank God, and that’ll spare them the torture of listening to me bawling, croaking, bellowing and squeaking!