“X JAPAN new song “I.V.” to be released worldwide on iTunes
From 2008 January 23rd (Wed), the world-wide theme song of “SAW 4”, “I.V.” will be released in 23 countries in the world…”


And one of those countries is Sweden!

The information and the quote itself are taken from J Rock Revolution’s home page.

Isn’t it great!

X Japan (link to informative WikiThePPN site) united once again. The band members reunited in 2007!

Also, a completely new song to add to their fantastic collection of great songs!

The band was first active from 1982 to 1997. I think there’s not by mere accident that they’re reuniting precisely ten years later…

For those who haven’t heard of X Japan, I recommend to check them out. The music is, according to the Wikipedia site, classified as heavy metal, progressive metal, speed metal, glam metal and punk rock. For you who love ballads, the band has done a huge amount of such songs as well…

As all great bands this one has a variety of different kinds of songs in the repertoire!