I just realised, I could puke if I get to see another sugary thing. I’m totally fed up with sweets, chocolate, cakes and biscuits and all other kinds of sweet things you eat because you have a sweet tooth, a sugar crave or nothing else to do.

I don’t know why, probably because I’m fed up with most things going on around me right now, but I’ve eaten a lot of things, snacks between meals, that are no good for me, that are just very sickly-sweet and yuk, I don’t even want to talk more about it!

To compensate for all these sweet stuff I’ve made myself something healthy, something which has the opposite kind of taste, something tasting more bitter and grassy. I’ve just made me a cup of plain green tea without additive flavour, and without anything in it or to it.

Marvellous, such a delicious cup of tea!

I love this kind of green tea; the one I’m drinking at the moment is Gunpowder (Chinese tea). The one in the picture above is Green Darjeeling (Indian tea). These are the teas bought most recently. Another favourite of mine is Sencha (Japanese tea)! Sencha is such a good grassy kind of green tea. I love it!

And it’s the absolute cure for sugar craving. When you drink green tea, if you even want something to go along with it, it must be something with a taste similar to the tea, that is, something grassy or bitter or with whatever taste that’s the opposite of sugary – salty, perhaps?