I went shopping today. I had to buy a new bag – on sale – (I really needed a new bag) but I found one that wasn’t on sale. I went into the store, and there it was, and I just had to have it! I’m very happy I bought it. Sometimes I’m a very fast decider. On other occasions (or should I say most occasions) I can be the most vacillating ever.

Today I was a quick decision-maker, for good and for bad. I bought a few impulsive items – I’m glad to say it was small items though. It was four amazingly cute earrings/eardrops; three in one shop, one in another. They were unbelievable cheap!


Also, I went to the library and bought three children’s books (books that had to be removed from the library for one reason or another). I do have to have children’s books for studying, since I’m writing children’s books myself. Read more about that here (in Swedish).

All in all it was a good shopping day, which more or less left me with an empty wallet (at least I run out of cash).