Today’s Art Journal Entry is connected to what I’ve written here. The linked entry is written in Swedish; the content of that entry is I’ve written a children’s book, and I want to make illustrations that complement the written text. The book is going to have about 25 illustrations. I started yesterday with sketching. I’m trying some different approaches, since I’m not sure what the main character looks like, nor his companion (it’s a teddy bear).

I continued today by making a drawing in my Art Journal. I’m not sure it’s Tapio (the name of the main character); it might be a random kid and a random teddy bear. But I enjoyed drawing anyway. First I used a pencil, secondly a waterproof felt pen, and thirdly and last I used a paintbrush and watercolours.

The painted drawing is more of an “I’m posing for taking my photo taken” kind of drawing, than an actual illustration taken out of a book (if anyone wants to take a picture outdoors on a rainy day). It’s not from the book since the book is taking place in the jungle.

I’ve taken quite a few photos of the drawing, from different angles. I’m posting them in order of the development…

Here’s the pencil sketch:


Here’s the pencil sketch with black lines added:


Here’s the drawing with the sketch lines erased:


Here’s the final outcome: