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I finished reading Murder Mysteries yesterday – or actually I read the whole book yesterday, since it was a short one and a comic as well. The book’s written by Neil Gaiman, and adapted for comics by P. Craig Russell. It’s about a young man who meets an old man on a park bench, where the old man in return for a cigarette starts telling a story about himself being an angel, descended from heaven. The old man’s telling his story, about what happened in the early days before the Earth even existed.  There was a murder in paradise, back then… a case to be solved.

It’s a twisting tale, beautiful yet ugly, scary (especially towards the ending), and uncomfortable yet poetic. It’s absolutely brilliant. I recommend it to all who wants to read something challenging, something that makes you think and reflect. And should you like what you read, I advise you continue to read everything else Gaiman. There’s a lot to choose among, since he has written so much. Take a look at his site. And while you’re at it, take a look at P. Craig Russell’s site as well.