I went buying an art book yesterday. I figured I’ll start to “write” an art journal. I’ll make it simple: one painting/drawing a day. And I’m talking small ones… The book is a small one. It’s a Daler-Rowney with 150 g/m² acid free cartridge paper, 148mm x 130mm. I like the size. Here’s a Swedish site and here’s a British one that have the book which is called Ebony. It’s a hard back landscape sketch book with 62 pages. It’s black with thick pages – it’s perfect! I really do like it. It looks plain simple, but that’s part of the charm.

The drawing I’m working on today is made with sepia coloured Calligraphy Ink from Winsor & Newton, painted with a small brush and with a wooden pen holder on which I use different kinds of nibs. I’ve got thirteen nibs altogether, but for this very drawing I haven’t used more than one, so far.

The Calligraphy Ink is specially made for fountain and dip pens. I love the sepia colour! It’s really one of my favourite colours for painting. I bought the Calligraphy Ink and a charcoal pen together with the art book yesterday, in the same store, a local artist’s shop.