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I’ve just started listening to Versailles. Their first album is called Lyrical Sympathy. And I got to say – I’m feeling more and more sympathetic towards this band. I listened to the album once yesterday, and now I’m listening to it for the second time.

The last two tracks are video clips. As I watched them yesterday I realised why I love, really love Visual Kei! It’s the mixture of gothic darkness and upper class society that makes it so loveable… There they are in their cute dresses, looking like dolls from the 18th century, playing guitars and drums. Such a wonderful contrast!

The singer is ex-band member of Lareine. I never listened to Lareine. I gave it a try once, but I didn’t like it… and I didn’t like the voice of the singer. With Versailles the voice of the singer is already growing into me, like I’m starting to like it. Besides, the singer – his name’s Kamijo – is the lookalike for my novel character Imai – apart from one thing. Kamijo is such a shortie – 173 cm! Imai is about 195 cm tall. You can read all about Imai here (in Swedish).