I’ve laid my hands upon something wonderful! Gackt’s new album! The album is called 0079-0088.

Although there’s not just happiness; I’m lightly disappointed since most on the songs are old. But I haven’t ever listened to anything Gundam, and so all songs related to that show are new to me!

On the other hand, the new versions of the oldies are all songs that I love: Metamorphoze, Kimi ga matteiru kara, mind forest, Dybbuk, Dears and Love Letter. Especially mind forest – with the flutes – ah!

Being that many old songs, there’s just room for three(!) new songs. The Gundam songs mentioned above. It’s kind of cheap.

I hope he’ll release a whole new album soon! Or that there’ll be an album with S.K.I.N.! Either way there’ll be plenty of time to listen to Gackt’s fantastic voice, which is always a thrill!