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I went shopping today; there’s this big sale in between Christmas and New Years Eve. There’s a big chance of finding good clothes for cheap prices! And so I went.

I found a cacao brown cardigan and two pair of jeans, one of them dark blue and the other pair light grey.

I just managed to get through two stores, so I’ve a lot of other stores to go to, tomorrow and during next week. Shopping, shopping, shopping! There’s so much fun to buy new clothes, and I really do need them; it was ages since I bought something new to wear.

I couldn’t resist making a visit to the local bookshop. It’s an expensive shop with horrifying prices but I went around looking anyway. My intention was just to look; I can’t really afford to buy anything, and I’ve tons of unread books at home.

I own around 950 books. I’m too ashamed to say how many of them are left unread (this far anyways)… But honestly, I haven’t even dared counting… I’ve made a list though, in Word. Anyone wanting to buy me books can look in that book list, and that way you’ll avoid any books I already got.

Anyways, I found Paradise Kiss on sale… Talk about temptation! Temptation, temptation, temptation and I were too weak to do anything opposite. I just went buying.

It was volume 3, 4 and 5, but I’ve seen the anime so there’ll be no probs starting to read in the middle of everything… The manga series contains five books in whole. I haven’t got volume 1-2, but hey, I can buy them another time!

According to the bookstore it was a sale, but since that book shop has such horrible prices it made the prices into ordinary, common ones.

Since the shop has “buy four paperbacks, pay for three and get the cheapest one for free” I had to – really had to! – find a fourth book to buy. I went with Haruki Murakami’s Kafka på stranden (Kafka on the Shore/Umibe no Kafuka).

I haven’t read much of Murakami, but he’s Japanese, he’s very talented, he writes in an original and personal style, very different and far away from the mainstream genre, and so I just have to have his books! Eventually I’ll also read them.

This far I’ve given away at least two of his books as Christmas gifts during the years, and I’ve also collected two books of his for myself, and with the one I bought today, there’s three Murakami books in my home library:

After the Quake, Sputnik Sweetheart and Kafka på stranden; two in English, one in Swedish.

I guess there’ll be more with time going…