Today I got a quite a big packet in my mail. Nostalgia! When I opened it I really turned nostalgic. The packet contained a DVD, which I got from Egmont Kärnan (Swedish company for all kinds of magazines) since I’m going to take in Donald Duck for the whole year of 2008. The DVD was DuckTales Volume 1 (In Swedish: Knatte, Fnatte & Tjatte på äventyr). When I was a child the Swedish television (Channel SVT1) sent one hour of Disney every Friday (they still do, but with much more bad quality programs).

The Disney Hour (Disneydags/Disneyklubben) as it was called back then contained three grown ups acting silly and in between their play they showed the children (the ones being in the show and the ones watching the telly), two long shows and two short five minutes ones. The first show always was DuckTales and then there was a five minutes classic show, followed by another longer one, and thereafter a short five mins one again. I loved the DuckTales show, and watched it again and again on video tapes.

DuckTales Volume 1 contains six episodes. On of the best things with the DVD is that you get to choose between languages. When on telly, I always watched Ducktales in Swedish, knowing the intro song by heart, and still remember it! But now – today! – it was great fun to be able to listen to the original. In the Swedish version Scrooge McDuck (Joakim von Anka) doesn’t have any special dialect at all, but in the English original there’s no doubt he has a Scottish accent! Awesome!

I didn’t watch all the episodes (it’s 2 hours long), but I took a quick look on every episode. I didn’t remember all of them, and I doubt I saw every show. I did miss some of them (after all there’s 100 episodes).

Now I get a second chance to watch! I’ll sing along every time there’s time for the opening song! Now I get the opportunity to learn the English original song by heart as well! Cool.