I went to Clas Ohlson about a week ago… Since I wanted so many colours and I couldn’t afford to buy so many new tubes, I chose a cheap solution (cheap in both ways, yes). I bought a set of 12 tubes with 12 different colours; each tube contains just 12 ml. The set costs 49 crowns, and it was really crappy, that set. It was a set from Sense.

Considering the prize, which you can compare with one tube from Galeria (Winsor & Newton) where that one tube can cost from 44 crowns and up, it was prize worthy, but the result, the material, the feelings while working with such crappy colours – scary! They are not as bad as Liquitex’ BASICS series though (more about them later).

This Friday (Dec 14th) I bought two tubes of Galeria and one of FINITY. The FINITY one was a colour I’ve never used before, Gold Ochre, and it was also the very first time I bought FINITY. I’ve had Galeria before though. (FINITY is from Winsor & Newton as well.)

This very summer I went to a summer course in acrylic painting. In that course there was this lady, selling from the store she works at. She sold acrylic colours from Liquitex (Qualite Etude Basic Value Series). I made the mistake to buy three tubes, one Titanium White, one Phthalocyanine Green and one smaller tube of Light Gold (really golden, like say, a gel-pen, yuk). I also got a forth tube from my mother (who also attended the course) Yellow Oxide.

Talk about frustrating! The tubes are big and so there’s a lot of colour in them, which could make them last a lifetime – if it was the same quality and thickness as the ones from Winsor & Newton – but they are really saucy, like water almost, and as soon as you open a tube there’s tons of colour everywhere; on your hands as well as around the tube, on the table, on the floor, everywhere!

It’s studio quality so it’s not the best sort of colour from Liquitex, but hey, studio quality can be so much better! Take Galeria for example! Really thick colours and oh so good! And they smell very nice to. It’s a big difference in the smell of different kinds of acrylic.

I guess the BASICS series must be a really low quality product from Liquitex, as it looks much better on the home page, although I’ve so far just taken a quick glance at the site.

And Galeria isn’t Winsor & Newton’s best quality either; it’s student’s quality, whilst FINITY (also from Winsor & Newton) is the best and highest quality, made for real professionals. Even so, the studio quality from Winsor & Newton is so good; it’s not comparable with the colours from Sense or Liquirtex.

Another really watery acrylic colour comes from Decoart. But the Decoart Acrylic Colour I have is Crafter’s Acrylic (bought in Canada), and I guess that’s something else than Artistic Acrylic

I guess there’s a difference considering what you’ll use the acrylic painting for. Like the colours from Panduro – I consider them being too much water and too little pigment. They have one sort for painting on hobby material (not on canvas), but (and that’s so crappy) they have Liquitex’s BASIC series for artistic painting.

Winsor & Newton quality takes acrylic painting, as well as the results of the painting, to a whole new level.

It’s bad though, that there’s so few good stores in the city where I live. But I’m happy anyways, since there’s ONE good artist’s shop which has all the great colours to choose among and no crappy quality in sight anywhere.

By the way, excuse me for my bad English – it’s the first time in ages I’m trying to write anything in English, and first time ever I blog in English…