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The Challenge/Gyms

There are 8 reading challenges within this read-a-thon, based on the 8 gyms that are in the Indigo League. Earn a badge every time you complete a book!


  1. Pewter Gym: The First Book In A Series
    This Rock-type gym is the first gym Ash and the Pokemon player ever encounters. Finish this challenge to win a Boulder Badge. I choose to read: Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearn.
  2. Cerulean Gym: A Book That Might Make You Cry
    This Water-type gym has a badge that looks like a droplet of your tear, so read a book that will rip your heart out. Finish this challenge to win a Cascade Badge. I choose to read: Röta by Siri Pettersen.
  3. Vermillion Gym: A Book With Thunderous Hype
    Vermillion City is the home to Lt. Surge and his many Electric-type Pokemon. For this challenge, read a book that’s been hyped all over bestseller’s list and the internet.  Finish this challenge to win a Thunder Badge. I choose to read: Saga Volume Five by Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughan.
  4. Celadon Gym: A Book That Focuses on Diversity
    Celadon Gym is one of my favourites, because of it’s colourful Grass-type aesthetics. Read a diverse book and you will earn yourself a Rainbow Badge. I choose to read: Främlingar/Strangers by Taichi Yamada.
  5. Fuschia Gym: A Book With A Great Romance
    I’ve always been confused by the fact that a Poison-type gym has a heart-shaped badge. Can someone explain please. Read a book that features romance prominently and earn a Soul Badge. I choose to read: Nittio minuter by Katarina Persson.
  6. Saffron Gym: A Book With Fantasy/Supenatural Elements
    Saffron City is where all the Psychic-types hang out, so for this challenge, read a bool with fantasy, magical realism, or paranormal elements. Finish this challenge to win a Marsh Badge. I choose to read: River Secrets by Shannon Hale.
  7. Cinnabar Gym: A Book With A Red Cover
    Cinnabar Island is famous for red earth and Fire-type Pokemon. For this challenge, read a book with a red cover. Complete this challenge to win a Volcano Badge. I choose to read: The Gap of Time/Tidsklyftan by Jeanette Winterson.
  8. Viridian Gym: A Book With Post-Apocalyptic Setting
    The final gym is home to a Team Rocket Leader (OK, if it’s been out 10+ years you can’t cry spoilers) and Ground-type Pokemon. For this challenge, read a book featuring a ruined, post-apocalyptic Earth. Finish this to win yourself an Earth Badge. I choose to read:  The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey.

As my pokémon I choose:




Top 5 Books That Feature Time Travel




Time Traveling Device à la Harry Potter.

This week the topic in the Goodreads group Top 5 Wednesday is: Books that Feature Time Travel. In general books which involves time travel intrigues me. I haven’t read many though. But after watching some videos on booktube about this topic I got a few tips of books I have actually read. Although they are not many. Please give me advice as to what to read in this genre! Anyways, I have read a couple of books at least. So without further ado, here is my list, the books listed in no specific order.

  1. Tanglewreck by Jeanette Winterson
  2. Night Watch by Terry Pratchett
  3. The Stravaganza Series by Mary Hoffman
  4. Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman
  5. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Tuesday Talks: Love and Valentine’s Day



The question this week is the following: What are your favorite love stories and/or couples? This question is asked right now because of the soon to come Valentine’s Day.

Well, this is something I have not thought of before.

The descriptions of first love are the most famous. These are also the ones coming up to mind, when thinking about this. The classical couples of first time lovers. Romeo and Juliet, who are so in love they go into death of fear for loosing one another. I have read the play as well as I have seen adaptions of the love story in various formats.

The book about Tristan and Isolde we read back in school. That is another famous love story of old age.

Those are couples that stay in mind, when thinking about favourite love stories. A much more modern love story I read last year, Eleanor and Park. I loved that one as well.

Love stories are overrated in the way that you often think that this is enough for a story, and only this can drive the story forward. That is not at all true. There has to be a conflict in order to make the love story at all interesting to read about or watch (if it is a film or a tv series). That is why Romeo and Juliet are so popular and their story so easy to remake: it is a classical saga about love – but it is also very dramatic, and it do have the best conflict: the lover’s parents cannot agree and so the love couple has to meet in secret and their love is failed to doom.

We are never so happy as to when we have the opportunity to read about other people’s misery.

Review: The Mistletoe Bride by Kate Mosse


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mistletoe brideI return to Kate Mosse’s books again and again, partly because they take place in France and partly because they are historical fiction, but what really gets me is the cosy-scary-mysterious feeling of her works.

This short story collection is no exception. I love that she included author’s notes; as a writer I find it most interesting.

Some of Kate Mosse’s Haunting Tales are scary or mysterious, but most of the time they give me a cosy sort of feeling. Yes, there are ghosts and death and strange supernatural things happening, but they do not scare me much. I like them a lot though.

They are perfect for this time of year: I sit down under a blanket with a cup of tea and read; outside it is snowing and Kate Mosse’s short stories makes the cosiness of wintertime even more cosy in a haunting sort of way.

Author: Kate Mosse
Title: The Mistletoe Bride and Other Haunting Tales
ISBN: 978-1-4091-4806-7

Where to buy:

Book Depository

Top Ten Books on my Fall TBR


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TTTThis week’s Top Ten Tuesday with The Broke and the Bookish is Top Ten Books on my Fall TBR. That sounded like an easy and fun list, so I try to give it a go.

Here are my top ten books, in no particular order:

  1. Sally Green: Half Bad
  2. Sally Green: Half Wild (reading these in Swedish; two have been translated this far)
  3. Ingrid Kampås: Drottningkronan (The Queen’s Crown), part 5 in “Släkten” (The Family), a historical fictional series about the Swedish history with strong female characters as the lead protagonists. Also every part of the series is written by a different author, and they can all be read by themselves and out of order.
  4. Elisabet Nemert: Ringens gåta (The Riddle of the Ring), part 6 in “Släkten” (see my explanation above).
  5. Ewa Klingberg: Stenhuggarens dotter (The Stonemason’s Daughter), part 7 in “Släkten” (see my explanation above)
  6. Maria Turtschaninoff: Maresi (a very good fantasy book, I believe, which also is available in English).
  7. Jo Walton: My Real Children
  8. Marina Marchetta: Finnikin on the Rock
  9. Jamie McKelvie & Kieron Gillen: Wicked + the Divine, part one (a comic just ordered from Book Depository)
  10. Terry Pratchett: The Shepherd’s Crown